If you look at other Nations - Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Namibia, Norway - all have experienced past difficulties but have learned from those experiences. Since Namibia's independence, her recovery of marine resources has been described as "astonishing" and "miraculous".

These Nations all have a common thread - they all have competence over their own fisheries, whereas those of Britain are controlled by proposals from the European Commission, with the opinion of the European Parliament, and then voted upon by the Council of Ministers - presently 15, all horse-trading throughout the EU.

An example. is the square mesh escape panel/window. Since the British Industry started to campaign for its introduction, it will probably take 16/18 years for this to become EU Law. With global warming rapidly changing the movement and fluctuations of fish stocks, decisions have to be made and implemented quickly. Only the Nation State can do this.

The above Third Country Nations are changing their fisheries from hunting to harvesting, and most importantly, working with, or towards, the Pyramid of Life, with tremendous success. They have, or are, reducing discards in reality, not on paper, to either nil, or a few percent.

The justification for a European Common Fisheries Policy, unique itself within the world, has disappeared with the improved International Law on Straddling Stocks, which bestows rights to the flag State, not the EU.

The Nation state controlling its own fishing zone can forge ahead with technically designed selective fishing gear - harvesting - and be an example to neighbouring States, rather than always being out voted at EU Fish Council Meetings.

With reciprocal arrangements other Nations fishermen learn of a successful Nation's methods, and take those solutions home, therefore spreading good husbandry. This can benefit all Europe, and prevent Europe's dependence on third Nation's fisheries.

Around the British Isles is to be found the greatest marine resource anywhere in the world. Britain should be a world leader in husbanding that resource. Instead within the CFP there is constant stock demise with the UK being a nett importer of marine resources.

For British fishermen, the very existence of their industry and way of life demands that Parliament repudiates the foolish surrender of this vital national interest to a foreign power. No politician had the right to surrender these immensely valuable natural resources, which rightly belong to the British people, according to international law.

There is no legal or constitutional impediment to the unequivocal, re-establishment of British sovereignty over our fishing grounds. This is the only way of escape, and we must grasp it before it is finally too late.

Do you want the Nation State or the State of Europe to control our marine resources?